It's Always the Love (PDF format)

The way you see the world is not according to the way you think but according to the way you feel…

Henry Gobus explains that the major part of our personalities forms during the first seven years of our lives.

  • Do you feel that you do not belong or fit in?
  • Do you want to better understand your children’s emotional development and changing views?
  • Do you suffer anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Do you starve yourself or over-eat?
  • Do you think that you will never find the right partner?
  • Do you habitually use drugs or alcohol or simply can’t stop smoking cigarettes?


It’s Always the Love explains that all feelings of internal unease has a single origin. By understanding how you emotionally grow over your life-span you can change the way you feel, think and behave.

It's Always the Love (PDF format)